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During the early hours of a Sunday, an armed robbery took place at a boating dealership in Gauteng. At the time of the robbery, two security officials – armed with Active Track devices – were patrolling the site. After attempting to overcome the robbers, the security officials were tied up, where after the assailants fled with an array of luxury sound systems, electronic fish finders, GPS devices, and the two Active Track devices.

Amidst the commotion, one of the guards dropped his Active Track device. The guard in question was aware that by dropping the device, an alarm would be triggered in the Active Track 24-hour support centre.

In response to the alarm, the support centre silently called the Active Track device and briefly listened in on the scene, whereafter it immediately alerted the security company. Within minutes, a response vehicle was dispatched by the security company. Upon arrival, the member of the response team notified the police of the robbery.

In an effort to locate the stolen goods, and robbers, the security company logged on to Active View, Active Track’s online portal, and examined the profiles of the two Active Track devices. Through the GPS feature, it transpired that the devices were on the move.

The police pursued the movements of the Active Track devices in order to locate and apprehend the robbers, and seize the stolen goods.

The Active Track devices lead the police to a landfill on the outskirts of Johannesburg, where the devices had been buried. While the Active Track devices were swiftly recovered, neither the balance of the stolen goods, nor the robbers, were found.

On re-tracing the movements of the Active Track devices, the police attended at an address at which the devices had been stationary for more than three hours, prior to being dumped.

It transpired that the address was the headquarters of the robbers. The robbers were consequently arrested, and the stolen goods seized.

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