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Active Track was founded in 2013 in response to a need for an affordable, transparent guard monitoring solution. Active Track partnered with EBS Poland to bring the Active Track guard monitoring device and FPX10 biometric reader to South Africa, reserving the right to distribute throughout Africa. The parties have enjoyed a good working relationship which has seen Active Track South Africa grow to be EBS Poland’s largest customer globally.The Active Track device is a crucial tool for the security services industry, enabling one to monitor the movements of one’s staff in real-time, be notified of an alarm event such as a missed patrol or distress situation, and contacting the individual via the device if necessary. The product has been endorsed by NATO which speaks to its efficiency in the field.

Our FPX10 mobile biometric system is an extremely accurate biometric reader, offering 21-point fingerprint and RFID scanning. The captured data can be integrated into a customer’s payroll management system. This ensures that one only pays for real hours worked.

On the reporting side, Active Track has developed a range of standard and customizable reports. These reports are constantly evolving to meet the unique need of our customers.

In 2019, Active Track introduced the Cloud Track AMS, a comprehensive access management solution. This has been implemented at office parks and estates nationwide. The solution’s features include scanning of a driver’s license + vehicle license disc and verifying the disc against the suspicious vehicles database. It is easy to integrate into existing systems on site, and offers customers various real-time reports and notifications.

2019 also saw the introduction of Activeye’s machine learning technology designed to integrate into existing CCTV on site. Active Track partnered with Activeye to offer its customers this product, either as a stand-alone solution or as part of the Cloud Track AMS.

Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic saw the imposition of stringent requirements on businesses. In response to this, the company launched Active Capture, which combines a basic access control function with the capturing of compulsory COVID-related data such as body temperature. Active Capture can be integrated with Cloud Track AMS for a true turnkey solution.

With over 5000 products in the field, across 11 African countries, Active Track has the experience to assist you with your management needs, wherever you may operate. Our BEE Level 2 status and management structure bear testimony to our commitment to black empowerment.

Since 2013

Active Track specialises in workforce management and security solutions.
The company has in-depth experience in security, facilities management and artificial intelligence. Backed by this expertise, it offers various technologies to bolster the security, and effectiveness of facilities management, in your business.
BEE Level 2 
Member of ESDA

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