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Active Track (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African, B-BBEE Level 2 contributor which specialises in workforce management and reduction of payroll across Africa. Its success stems from fixed, all-inclusive monthly rental fees, combined with reliance on cutting-edge technology, which includes the Active Track and FPX10 devices – in respect of which Active Track (Pty) Ltd holds the sole distribution rights for Africa.

Active Track - The Tamper-Proof & Real-Time Monitoring Device (learn more)

This hand-hand personnel monitoring device is user-friendly, tamper-proof and waterproof to enable it to withstand harsh conditions.

Through its RFID, GPS and GSM functionalities; panic and silent call functions; and support via a live web interface and 24-hour call centre, the Active Track device is the ideal tool to ensure that your guard is awake, carrying out all patrols correctly, and assisted in panic situations.

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FPX10 - The Biometric Reader integrated into Your Payroll Management System (learn more)

The FPX10 is a mobile, biometric reader which has vastly improved and extended biometric capabilities.

This is seen by its accurate 21-point fingerprint recognition; the ability to capture data through fingerprint and RFID tags; easy configuration to specific site requirements; its suitability for all labour-intensive industries; the fact that the functionality and data can be controlled remotely, via an online portal; the simple integration of the captured data into payroll management systems; and its pre-programmed stay-awake, and emergency panic functions.

The result of implementing an FPX10 device is a reduction in unwanted overtime; the elimination of ghost employees; and only having to pay for hours worked.

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Make sleeping on duty a thing of the past. The Active Track device’s GPS, GSM and GPRS capabilities allow for real-time monitoring, and pre-set alarm conditions to be triggered when one’s employee is stationery for an extended period of time or misses a patrol. Live Guard Monitoring Systems.


The Active Track device is waterproof and tamperproof, making it ideal for use in all labour-intensive industries. However, if one attempts to dismantle, damage or alter the tamperproof device in any way, a silent alarm is triggered in the Active Track 24-hour support centre, and an alert is dispatched to the user to enable the user to take the appropriate action.


The mobile, modern, cost-effective FPX10 device allows for the data, captured by its biometric reader, to be integrated into the user’s payroll management system. This ensures that the user only pays for actual hours worked, thereby reducing the user’s payroll when implementing the FPX10 correctly.


I have been using ActiveTrack at BP Lenasia and Engen Devland and Zakariyya Park. The system is excellent.

However more important than the system is the team of professionals behind the system. I have dealt with professional high calibre individuals like Denzil, the guys from the call center (apologies for not knowing all of your names), the sales lady who accompanied Denzil to the sales meeting.

I have never dealt with a more personal and professional company who is always just a call or Whatsapp message away. I can assure you of one thing and that is I will always use ActiveTrack on my sites and that is because of the people...the system has a proven track record. Thank you for everything and since working with this company I have built a business relationship and friendship with Denzil who is an assett to this company.

Faisal Ally

Company Name: MRU EMERGENCY RESPONSE -Risk & Security Solutions
Designation: Security operations

Mr Boulton has requested me to supply him with this letter of reference with regarding to the use of their Active Track Monitoring Solution System as well as their Biometric Time & Attendance System that he provides to Stallion and I do so without hesitation and with pleasure.

We have successfully made use of both of these systems within our business and they have both added great value.

Mr Boulton has been most professional and accommodating and has always shown an impressive level of commitment towards ensuring that service levels to us have been delivered and maintained.

Roy Schade

Company Name: Stallion Security Property Services (Pty) Ltd
Designation: Director

Please accept this letter as my personal and professional endorsement of Active Track as an outstanding business partner to Peaceforce Security.

Since my earliest involvement with Justin and his support team, I have found their company to be world class in many ways. The Active Track device has superseded my expectations and the culture of constantly trying to progress is truly entrenched into their business model as we have first-hand experience of asking for something and Active Track comes to the table with a solutions.

Their representation of the Active Track device to our operation has always been fair, courteous and above all, professional in every respect. Active Track’s partnership with Peaceforce is exemplary of the model to which we would like all dealers to aspire.

Rodger Ward

Company Name: Peaceforce Security Group (Pty) Ltd
Designation: Managing Director


Active Track in Nato Catalogue

Active Track in Nato Catalogue

We are pleased to inform you that our Active Track has received the NATO NSN (NATO Stock Number) 582543002239 from the Military Center for Standardization, Quality and Codification and is entered into the NATO's Master Catalogue of References for...

Keeping guarding personnel on mines safe

Keeping guarding personnel on mines safe

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