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Guard Monitoring System

GPS & GSM-enabled guard monitoring device

  A cost-effective, hand-held device offering real-time personnel monitoring User-friendly, tamper-proof, and waterproof to withstand conditions of labour-intensive industries RFID, GPS and GSM-enabled Built-in panic and distress functions Support via a live web interface and 24-hour call centre. Endorsed by NATO Available on a rental basis Suited to the security, mining, hospitality, property management, education, health, cleaning, retail, logistics and construction sectors The tool to ensure that your employee is awake, carrying out all patrols/or duties correctly, and assisted in emergencies. Active Track Brochure >> Technical Specifications >> 


Real-time visitor authentication + access management

The AMS visitor management equips you to manage and document the influx of staff, visitors, couriers, and emergency services using a hand-held Cloud Track device. The device features a Honeywell 2D barcode scanner, high definition 8MP camera, AI software, RFID reader, and GPS + GSM functionality. The AMS visitor management solution allows you to:

Scan driver’s licenses and vehicle license discs, as well as temporary driver’s licenses and RSA IDs
Pre-register visitors
Whitelist vehicles and people
Verify vehicles against the suspicious vehicle database, if required
Record the number of passengers per vehicle, if required
Allow the access gate or boom to open once the officer has completed the procedure and the visitor’s vehicle passes the suspicious vehicle enquiry
Prevent anti-passback
Require that the visited person clears the visitor for exit
Benefit from driver vehicle pairing – notify egress officer if there is a variance in either driver identity or number of passengers
Receive support via our 24-hour call centre
Obtain reports from an interactive live dashboard, in real-time
Draw daily, weekly & monthly reports, specialised reports, and issue reports
Obtain this on a rental basis, with no Capital expenditure required
Integrate into existing systems. This includes integration into Active Capture, our access control system which captures and records COVID-19 relevant details including temperature.-


Access control system to monitor entrants + record their temperatures

An independent access control system used to monitor who is entering your building at all times. The regulation-compliant system also checks the temperatures of individuals. In this way, it is an effective step in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Along with access control, you will have the power of fully automated and on demand reports. This allows you to see exactly who is in your building and whether they are employees or not. With its ability to allow for quick access to the facility and real-time COVID-19 notifications, Active Capture is a comprehensive tool for your business in the fight against COVID-19. Active Capture can be integrated into the Cloud Track AMS to provide you with a turnkey access management & COVID-19 compliant system. This has been successfully implemented in key shopping malls across South Africa.


Enterprise Risk Management Solution

Machine-learning technology integrated into CCTV Active Track in conjunction with Activeye offer you its artificial intelligence (AI) technology for purposes of integrating into your site’s existing CCTV.

Facial recognition
Car counting
People counting
Vehicle identification
Age approximation
Human related traits
Emotional states
Object identification

ACTIVEYE has been successfully implemented in shopping malls, office parks, car parks, stores, residential estates & homes within South Africa.

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