Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I purchase a device from Active Track (Pty) Ltd ?

No, Our model is to rent out the Active Track device and we supply the service with the licenced Active View software. Our client are not burdened with maintenance concerns, insurance, SIM card maintenance or software challenges that may occur. We have a swop out policy that ensures that the site is never left vulnerable and a 24 hour support desk to attend to any problems that may occur.

The only risk the client carries is that of malicious damage to the device, that can be demonstrated by means of the “shock” and ”tamper” reports

In addition, our clients are not faced with the additional capital outlay that is synonymous with our competitors.We are able to supply a 24 hour monitoring service at an additional fee.

The model is applicable to all the regions where we are the distributors of Active Track, with slight variations to suit local laws and business practices.

The minimum period is for a 24 month rental, with the option for security companies to cancel the service with 30 days’ notice, in the event that the site to which the devise is deployed, is cancelled.

Q: What is the tolerance in positioning the AT user's GPS position on the map?

According to the information from the manufacturer’s website u-blox, the accuracy of the measurement is <2.5 m. In practice, depending on visible satellites, this value may vary up to 5 metres.

Q: What SIM card is necessary to use all AT functions (GPRS, voice, GPS)?

A SIM card from any operator with an activated GPRS packet is necessary in order to use all AT functions.

Q: How many hours does the device operate without the need to recharge the battery?

Active Track has a Li-Polymer battery, 2400mAh, which makes it possible for the device to operate for 24 hours. Tests were conducted with the assumption of sending reports via the GPRS channel every 1 minute.

Q: What is the difference between Active Track and Active Guard?

Active Guard has one version only and has a built-in GSM and RFID module. Active Track has 3 versions with the GSM module and optionally RFID, GPS or RFID and GPS in one device.

Active Track has 4 functional buttons (Active Guard has 3 buttons) and a smaller and more convenient casing.

Q: What maps are used in the application for Active Track for GPS location?

The Active View application uses two maps between which the user may switch: Google Maps and Open Street Maps.

Q: Can the device operate with SIM cards from different operators?

Yes, the device does not have any blocks. The device needs to be reconfigured each time after changing the SIM card.

Q: How is data sent from the Active Track device?

Data from the recorders is sent via the GSM network – by means of the GPRS transmission or the SMS channel. If there is no GPRS communication the user, through a previous configuration of events, decides which channels are to be used to send any event and which of them have priorities, and which await sending – namely without a priority.

Q: What does the Active Track system consist of ?

The system consist of:


  • Active Track device.
  • RFID tags at frequency 125 kHz (option)
  • Plate and programming cables sold in the AGP3-AT set (additional order)
  • Software:
  • Active View – The web based monitoring and reporting interface
  • Active Track report writer. A unique customized reporting tool.

Q: What do I need to start work apart from the Active Track device?

In order to start work with Active Track you need a computer with the Windows operating system (XP, 7, Server 2003, Server 2008) and Internet access with a static, public IP address and an open port on the firewall for receiving events by OSM.2007. In order to fully use the system (SMS notifications as an additional transmission channel, voice connections to the device), a GSM modem connected to the computer is also necessary. The SIM card in the device should enable the transmission of data through GPRS with data transfer approx. 10MB per month.

Q: Will I receive software with the device ?

Yes, Active Track supplies the Web based Active View software with every unit rented out. The software can have multiple users and each user can be given different access authorization. Through the creation of different user portals, the data can be further segregated into different clients or regions.All upgrades and developments are included in the monthly rental charged to the Active Track clients.Most importantly, all software support is also included in the monthly fee.

Q: What end software supports Active Track and where is it available?

One of the unique features of Active Track is the Web Based Active View software that is supplied with ever Active Track unit rented from Active Track. The rental includes all license Fees and upgrades, keeping the Active Track clients up to date with all software developments and improvements.


Active View can be used as a control room installation that allows a company to manage personnel in real time, or by the end user who need to extract reports on specific activities.

The customised Active View report writer allows for effective management of multiple sites. It is also the ideal solution for clients that need to manage Service Level agreements with service providers.

Our association with Sovtech allows Active Track to customise the reports that will suit the operational requirements of our clients.

All software support is included in the monthly rental.

Q: How many users may work with the application?

The application is intended for numerous users, numerous users may work on it at the same time – up to 3 in the data edition mode, up to 10 in the alarm monitoring mode.

Q: How may I configure Active Track?

  1. Locally by means of cables as well as by means of the software GPRS transmitter configurator
  2. Remotely by means of an SMS
  3. Remotely by means of TCP/IP via the configurator

Q: Is the signal transmitted by Active Track/data transmitters via the GPRS channel coded ?

Yes, the safety of data transmitted from the device to the server is guaranteed by their encryption with a very safe and strong algorithm AES (Advanced Encryption System).


Since the transmission is based on the GSM operator’s network, the device uses all protections offered by the operator for regular mobile phones. If you want to increase the system’s safety even more, ask your operator for a private APN. The OSM.2007 receiver is used to decode signals transmitted by EBS devices.

Q: Where is Active Track manufactured?

The system is produced in factory in Elk in Poland, by EBS ( ). Active Track (PTY) LTD is a South African company that distributed the Active Track system in Sub Sahara Africa and East Africa with the support of EBS Poland. We are currently developing numerous African markets with potential partners.


These are cables enabling local programming and the configuration of devices:


AGP3-AT Set for configuring, monitoring, testing and debugging the Active Track device. The set contains one plate, two cables

LX-DATA and one LX-PROG:

LX-PROG – A wire enabling local configuration through the RS232 connection.

LX-DATA – A wire enabling the monitoring of the device’s operating state, conducting operation tests as well as the debugging process

Q: Why is Active Track's casing so resistant?

EBS has paid great attention to the resistance of Active Track’s casing. It was constructed similarly to Active Guard’s casing, namely it was preceded by several years of experience and numerous opinions from our Customers:


additional seals increasing resistance to moisture and flooding

shock absorbers

additional screws in the flap and casing stiffening the structure

additional protection for the internal plate

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