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Pursuant to a financial audit, a restaurant, with outlets across the Western Cape, was advised that it was losing profits due to excessive overtime pay-outs.

After a brief investigation, it appeared that staff were manipulating hours worked, by recording inflated clocking in and out times in the manual entry book.

In an effort to combat the fraud, the business owner turned to fellow restaurateurs in search of a solution. It transpired that many restaurateurs had faced similar problems, prior to installing and utilising the mobile FPX10 – a revolutionary biometric clocking system – exclusively supplied by Active Track (Pty) Ltd.

One call to Active Track (Pty) Ltd was all it took to arrange a demonstration of the FPX10 device at the owner’s premises. After a discussion regarding the payment structure, and installation, the owner chose to run an FPX10 pilot project in his restaurant situated in the Cape Town city bowl.

As part of the package, Active Track (Pty) Ltd provided training to the managers on how to install the FPX10 device; how to upload the fingerprints of staff; how the data is captured on the device, and automatically integrated into the restaurant’s payroll system; how to view the captured data, in real time, via Active View, Active Track (Pty) Ltd’s online portal; how to grant various employees access to certain areas, and how to amend this access, remotely; and how to optimally use the various panic activation functions.

At the end of the first month of installation, the restaurant’s payroll for its city bowl restaurant had decreased dramatically. This was due to the staff’s inability to manipulate the data captured by the FPX10, and the payroll system only processing payment for real-hours captured, and therefore worked.

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