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The Active Track is a handheld device engineered to improve the effectiveness of and control over internal and outsourced security services. It boasts RFID, GPS and GSM functionalities, panic and silent call functions, and is supported via an online portal and 24-hour call centre. Complementing its functionality is the device’s tamper-proof and waterproof design, as well as a battery life of up to 72 hours.

Through its GPS, GSM and RFID capabilities, the device monitors a guard’s whereabouts in real-time, and automatically alerts the user and the support centre in the event of a missed patrol. In response, the guard will be contacted via the device, allowing one to determine why the patrol was missed – whether the guard was asleep, carrying out patrols incorrectly or in a distress situation – and to take the appropriate remedial action. In addition, various alarm functions are available to the guard to ensure that assistance is provided if safety of life or property is threatened.

From a reporting side, automated reports can be generated from the data captured by the device, based on the user’s KPIs. These reports, together with all patrols and data, can be accessed in real-time through the online portal, making it effortless to monitor guards remotely, at all times.

Source: Hi-tech Security Solutions Magazine August