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At the end of its contract with a particular security company, a prominent quarrying company appointed a new entity to render security services at its Limpopo mine.

Of particular importance to the quarrying company was the safeguarding of limestone, the mineral forming the subject of the company’s mining right, portions of which had been stolen on a number of occasions. Considering that the new security company utilised Active Track devices; and that their managers were properly trained by Active Track (Pty) Ltd to optimally use the technology, their appointment was an easy decision.

Unbeknown to the quarrying company, a syndicate had been targeting security officials posted at its Limpopo mine, for some time. It had been bribing the official posted at the main entrance to the mine, to abandon his post at specified times, to allow its team to enter the mine and remove loads of limestone. The syndicate extended its influence, by targeting the new guards posted at the mine’s main entrance.

The first guard who had been persuaded to abandon his post, resolved to sabotage his Active Track device, so that the Active Track 24-hour call centre would not have evidence of a failed patrol (and would consequently not notify the security company) and would, instead, put it down to a technical error, to be remedied by its technical team a later stage. This would afford the syndicate ample time to remove limestone, without raising an alert.

However, the security official was ignorant of the fact that each Active Track device is tamper-proof, and that any attempt to dismantle it, triggers an alarm in the Active Track call centre. The call centre immediately alerts the customer, who, in turn, dispatches a response vehicle to look into the incident.

Prompted by a call from the Active Track call centre, a member of the security company’s response team arrived on site, shortly after the guard had unscrewed the back of his Active Track device. The response team member witnessed the syndicate loading its bakkie with limestone, and alerted the police. The police arrived on site, where they apprehended the members of the syndicate as they attempted to flee the mine.

In addition, the security company was able to take the appropriate disciplinary action against the rogue guard, through reliance on Active View, Active Track (Pty) Ltd’s online portal, which tracks real-time movements of each device; and records all alarms triggered, and panic buttons activated.

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