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In response to complaints regarding the quality of healthcare provided by a private local clinic, the clinic’s board elected to introduce the Active Track and FPX0 devices to monitor the services rendered by its staff.

With the assistance of an Active Track (Pty) Ltd sales representative, RFID tags were placed above every bed.

Similarly, FPX10 devices were placed at all clinic exits, as well as the doors to the dispensary, supply rooms and wards. The fingerprints of every member of staff were uploaded to Active Track (Pty) Ltd’s online portal, and access to the various areas was given to the relevant personnel.

Pursuant to a demonstration given by Active Track (Pty) Ltd to the clinic’s management, the technology was put to use.

Every nurse and medical professional was issued with a hand-held Active Track device at the start of each of his/or her shifts. In accordance with the clinic’s instructions, each staff member was required to scan the RFID tag of every bed he/or she attended at – whether to take blood pressure, to respond to a patient’s call, or as part of the staff member’s rounds.

Through the online portal, pre-programmed alerts were set to be triggered in the Active Track (Pty) Ltd 24-hour support centre in the event of inter alia a missed check-in point, a duress situation, and/or an emergency.

Through its GPS and RFID capabilities, the data captured by the Active Track devices – including the trigger of all alerts – was uploaded to the online portal, in real-time. The clinic could access the data remotely, which ensured that it had control over its staff at any given time, and could take remedial action where necessary.

The result of implementation of the Active Track devices was greater control over the clinic’s staff, which lead to increased accountability, elimination of complaints of neglect by patients, and an overall improved healthcare service.

However, the Active Track was not the only technology to thank for the improved healthcare service; the FPX10 devices played a similarly crucial role.

The FPX10 devices monitored the clocking on and off times of every staff member. Incentive to scan on and off duty was that the data captured by the FPX10 was integrated into the clinic’s payroll management system – thereby ensuring that employees were only paid for actual hours worked.

The effectiveness of the FPX10 was demonstrated immediately; by the end of the first week of introducing the FPX10, the rate of staff reporting late for duty had been considerably reduced.

Further, by placing an FPX10 device at every door, and using the built-in fingerprint scanner as the only means of access, the movements of all staff were accurately controlled and recorded, while access to certain areas was restricted to select groups of employees.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the medical supply stores were visited less frequently – leading to a marginal reduction in the rate of replenishing supplies, as well as the duration of lunch and tea breaks.

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