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By Fraser Shimwadi, IT manager for Active Track

7 years in business has taught us that crime never sleeps, with events and alarm conditions often occurring after hours.

For most of our customers, services such as security patrols and access management do not stop at close of business but are rendered after hours too. It is for this reason that our support services extend beyond close of business.

Existing customers will know that we provide various automated features such as transmission of alarm notifications and generation of reports. However, nothing can replace the role of trained call centre operators and a manager in an emergency situation.

We have operators and standby managers on duty 24 hours per day. Our operators have received hands-on training on site-operating procedures, distress situations and the products and services we offer, and work in a SAIDSA-approved call centre.

You can rest assured that we take your specific site needs seriously and are ready to assist you round the clock.