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Farmers know that management plays a crucial role in the success of their operations.

It involves planning, decision-making, implementing plans and decisions and organising resources. Additionally, one must retain control over all processes and checks. This is where Active Track steps in.

The Active Track device is a rugged, waterproof, shockproof and tamperproof handheld device with RFID, GSM & GPS capabilities. It can operate on as little as 20% connectivity and has a battery life of up to 72 hours.

RFID tags can be set up at key points such as borehole pumps, diesel tanks and reservoirs. An employee can then be tasked to scan each tag using the Active Track device. This can be done as frequently as required by the farm, and at the times set by the farmer.

If, for instance, a tag is not scanned at the correct time, or is missed completely, an automated alarm is sent to the farmer or his manager. In this way, the recipient is made aware that a particular instruction has not been followed & can take remedial action in real-time. The particulars of all scanned tags, and missed or late scanned tags, are available to recipients in various reports which can be downloaded via the online web-based portal, ActiveView.

Additionally, the Active Track device is suitable for lone worker protection. If an employee encounters a problem, and needs to call for assistance, he/or she has the option of pressing a panic or call-me button or simply dropping the device. Any of these actions will send an alarm notification to designated recipients, and the call centre if required. Armed with the information, an appropriate response can be arranged in real-time.

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