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If you live in Gauteng, you will be familiar with residential estates. You will know have noticed that most estates have security officers on duty and on-site CCTV. However, that alone does not sufficiently safeguard you and your property.

Active Track device

A security officer should be patrolling the premises regularly, and one’s security service provider should be able to monitor the guard and ensure that patrols are occurring. An officer should also be able to call for backup in a distress situation.

The Active Track device empowers the security service provider to provide this certainty & support. It is a GSM, GPS enabled hand-held device with an RFID reader which the officer carries on his patrols, and scans RFID tags placed along a pre-determined route. An alarm notification is generated if a tag is missed, or a distress button is pressed. Similarly, the security company can monitor the location of its officers in real-time, through a live, interactive web portal. Various reports can be downloaded from the portal.
The device has a battery life of up to 72 hours, and is waterproof, tamperproof and shockproof to withstand the elements at any time of day or night.

Cloud Track AMS

To ensure the safety of residents and property, one’s security company needs to record the details of those entering and leaving a residential estate and should verify the authenticity of the details provided.
The Cloud Track Access Management device does just this. It empowers the security officer controlling access & egress to scan the driver’s license (or ID) and vehicle licence disc using the Cloud Track’s 2D barcode scanner. It also allows for the whitelisting of vehicles to avoid unnecessary traffic congestion. On-site CCTV can be integrated with a license plate reader (LPR), and vehicle data captured can be verified in real-time if required. The allows the officer to refuse entry if a vehicle appears on the suspicious vehicles database or there is an inconsistency in the data provided. Using the online portal, reports can be accessed, and vehicles can be whitelisted and blacklisted.

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