The resilient design of both the Active Track and FPX10, combined with the technology’s diverse functionality, make the devices ideal to use in almost any sphere of business.

By way of illustration, the respective devices have been used across a host of industries, including, but not limited to:


The Active Track is utilised by countless security service providers, and has been successfully relied on to combat crime and safeguard life and property. Its GPS, GSM and RDIF capabilities ensure that the guard can be monitored in real-time, swift action can be taken in response to a failed patrol, and the guard can be contacted and assisted in the event of inter alia an emergency; while its tamper-proof nature guarantees that data will be captured notwithstanding the elements to which the device may be exposed.

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Property Management

The Active Track is relied on by property management companies to safeguard property and persons situated in and/or passing through residential estates, business parks and shopping malls falling under their control. In addition, the device is used to conduct digitised audits on aspects such as health and safety, and the working order of utilities.

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Recently, there has been an increase in number of cleaning service providers utilising the FPX10 biometric technology to save them money.

By recording the movements and clocking on and off duty of staff via a 21-point fingerprint reader, an employer can monitor its workforce remotely, in real-time, by way of an online support platform – thanks to the FPX10’s GSM functionality. The captured data is effortlessly integrated into the employer’s payroll management system, thereby ensuring that staff are only paid for actual hours worked.

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End-users are increasingly requesting the implementation of the Active Track from their security service providers, particularly where safety of life and property come under threat.

Such a request was received by a security company during the so-called ‘Tshwane Violence’ which erupted in South Africa’s capital earlier this year. The violence threatened, and, in some cases, compromised the safety of retail outlets’ staff, customers and stock.

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Both the Active Track and FPX10 devices are being steadily implemented in the healthcare industry as a result of their ability to monitor the movements of staff in real-time; improve accountability and performance of duties by personnel; offer assistance in duress and/or emergency situations; and reduce the user’s payroll.

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The unpredictable nature of the South African mining industry has highlighted the importance of cost-cutting, and close monitoring of assets and cash-flow, by mining companies.

While the FPX10 can be used to reduce payroll by capturing the real hours worked by staff, the Active Track has proven to be a resilient and effective mechanism with which to curb theft of mining machinery and product.

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Like the mining industry, cost-cutting and management of staff and assets is imperative to the survival of players in the construction industry.

The mobile nature of the FPX10 device allows it to be easily moved from one construction site to the next. The online support offered by Active View allows the user to control the captured data remotely, as well as to integrate it into the user’s payroll management system.

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Hospitality & Education

Users of the FPX10 are enjoying reductions in payroll – resulting from increased control over staff, only having to pay for actual hours worked, and the elimination of ghost employees. In addition, disputes as to salaries and wage pay-outs have dramatically decreased.

Considering its user-friendly design and 21-point fingerprint scanner, the device has been quickly integrated into the spheres of education and hospitality, and accurately monitors the clocking in and out of inter alia students, and hotel staff.

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Given the concomitant risk and responsibility of the logistics industry, industry players are required to invoke effective measures to limit their risk and protect the goods that come into their possession and/or under their control. The Active Track is repeatedly shown to meet the needs of industry members – from warehousemen to clearing and forwarding agents.

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Additional Applications

Please contact us to discuss any other application for which you may wish to use the Active Track or FPX10 device, not specifically listed above.


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