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Do you know if your security guards are doing their patrols as they should. Have the cleaners performed their daily duties Have all of your workers reported for duty on a remote site?

Then you need to look at Active Track, the cutting edge personnel monitoring device developed and manufactured by EBS in Poland. Active Track- the robust, easy to use, personnel monitoring device – a mobile unit managing your staff – with a customized intelligent reporting system. The Active Track is incredibly rugged, waterproof … tamper proof and has excellent voice quality.

The Active Track system utilizes passive RFID, GPS location which is transmitted over the cellphone network Active View is the web-based software that allows access on any device with internet connectivity.

Your laptop can be a state of the art control centre without any setup costs. Active View provides a platform for real time personnel monitoring . and generates real-time alarm conditions in any control centre. Alarms include Panic, failed patrol, failed to start patrol, low battery life, shock detection and more.

esignated staff can be notified immediately via sms or email. Active View provides detailed reports of all alarms and events. With a live, real-time running log –  of all events, at all times The log cannot be altered And access to Active View is restricted with a username and login. The device only requires 7% network strength.

Should the connectivity be lost, the device continues to collect data and transmits this information once connectivity has been re-established.

Interfacing with Google Maps, the GPS identifies the location and tracks movement of the device, company drivers, cleaners, security personnel, and more with pinpoint accuracy

The passive RFID tags can be used to create patrol routes, communicate events or manage any routine function, creating an audit trail of work completed.

Active track uses GPRS connectivity to transmit data back to Active View using secure, encrypted packages – only you can see your data. Within every event there is a Time and Date stamp, presice GPS location and a description of the event amongst others.

Active Track is very simple to use… there’s a reliable panic button… any time, any where a Call Back button… a scanning button to activate and record the RFID tags A Location button to generate a GPS pin drop, when needed When called, the device automatically answers – but the call cannot be ended by the user of the device.

Active Track has a silent call function – so you can phone in and listen if you suspect something is out of the ordinary. For specialized applications, the Call Back button can be setup to call a pre-programmed number. Active Track has a 24 hour battery life and takes just two hours to fully recharge.

A continuous charge is not required Music up and under to… Each Active Track is supplied with a charger and RFID tags The Active Track solution is rented at an affordable rate with no hidden costs.

Maintenance and all network charges are included. If the unit is damaged it will be replaced with another device. There are no restrictions to the number of users of Active View, or the business intelligence reports.

All software is included at no additional cost. Whether you need to keep track of employee movements and receive reliable reports of your employees activities, Active Track provides complete control and peace-of-mind to the user, manager and client, Active Track is a rugged, reliable tool that creates certainty that the job has been done.

The Ideal Personnel Monitoring Solution.

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