Real-time security tracking, monitoring and communications systems!

Real-time security tracking, monitoring and communications systems!

Active Features

Active Features

Remote configuration

Comfortable maintenance and time savings

MAN-DOWN function

Notification of threats to the life of the user


Full safety of data transfer through encryption

Damage Resistant

New, more durable housing – silicone gaskets, more screws, additional shock absorbers.

System Event History

Evidence up to 5000 events enabling the diagnosis of any possible problem.

Anti Sabotage Protection

Resistant to destruction attempts. Notification of all mechanical attempts to destroy device.


A-GPS makes it possible to track not only on the outside but also (in most cases) in rooms.

Web Application Monitoring

A convenient web application – Active View – enabling on-line browser access.

GPS & RFID in one device

Now you can select a device with both GPS and RFID with all the functionality in one unit!

Programmable Keys

The possibility to program the buttons, making it possible to send an SMS with the GPS position to a smartphone.

The Benefits

The Benefits

The Active Track Device is a multi functional unit – including Panic buttons, GPS Monitoring, RFID Readers and Voice Communications – so your users can be equipped solely with a single Active Track device, with no need for multiple mobile phones, two-way radios, GPS or other devices.

Reduced equipment costs.

Increased effectiveness of physical security.

Lower cost of monitoring.

Easy implementation and use.

Improved quality of work.

How it Works

How it Works

The Active Track device gives it’s user complete control of communication, security with superior control of their ‘monitoring’ round. These intuitive devices provide four buttons:



Thanks to a RFID reader your Active Track Device allows you to control guard tours via RFID tags placed on the round route. The Monitoring software allows you to establish timeframes for RFID tag reading. If no reading is recorded within the specified time, the monitoring station notifies you of irregularities.


PANIC button can be used in case of emergencies. When the PANIC button is pressed the device sends an emergency signal to the monitoring station to ask for help. It is possible to record the voice communication surrounding the device using the monitoring system and show the position of device if it is supported by GSM network.


The Active Track Device also allows for GSM two-way voice communication. The CALL ME button sends a signal via GPRS to the monitoring station to ask for a reply (when it’s pressed briefly) or to call directly to an authorized number when it is pressed for longer (i.e. police, fire station, supervisor, etc.). It is also possible to call the device from an authorized number at any time.


Making it possible to send the GPS position via SMS.






Guard patrol systems – Army, Police, Game Reserve Guards etc


Monitoring and communication with cleaning staff in offices buildings or hotels


Regular maintenance of machine equipment of any kind, from instruments and elevators.

Transport & Logistics

Railway, Bridge protection systems, Airports, harbours and more

Emergency Services

Emergency services (Paramedics, ambulances, firemen etc)

Tracking & Control

Any other place where the company does not have control of their workers and they want to be sure that the job was done properly.

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