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Active View

Active View is a web-based application designed to be used in conjunction with the Active Track and/or FPX10 devices, to extend the functionality of the technology.

This online portal offers unlimited control over the user’s staff and assets, and is easily accessible from any location with internet access.

  • Application is adapted to work with multiple browers
  • Supported maps: Google, Open Street Maps
  • Users created with multiple level access
  • Real-time monitoring of connection status, battery level and GSM signal strength
  • Preview on the map current and historical position of Active Track unit (date, time, speed, direction & altitude)
  • Processing of alarm events in real time


  • Flexible patrol route settings
  • Processing of alarm events in real time
  • Preview current GPS position on the map
  • Preview route on the map – checkpoint with stated date, time, speed, direction and altitude
  • Personnel staff data maintenance


  • SMS and Email notifications as and when alarms have appeared in application
  • Powerful management’s reports in csv format
  • Periodic sending of reports via email
  • Easy import and export functionality to/from Active View
  • Visual and audio notification about new alarms


  • Workforce details – information of guards currently on duty
  • Employee identification by RFID cards (the right person in the right place at the right time)


  • Integration with other monitoring software – automatic forwarding of alarm events
  • Real-time monitoring of connection status, battery level and GSM signal strength
  • Easy to operate application with customer orientated interface
  • Application suited to be easily translated into other languages
  • Easy addition of information of monitored objects
  • Possibility of expanding the functionality according to the client’s needs

Active Track (Pty) Ltd 24-Hour Call Centre

Active Track (Pty) Ltd is proud to offer a dedicated 24-hour support centre of specially trained agents which monitor Active Track devices, and communicate with users and their personnel on an ongoing basis.

Communication with a user’s employee is made via the Active Track device. Communication is prompted by one of the following: a missed patrol/or pre-programmed check-in point; the device being stationary for an extended period of time; or the activation of the panic button built into the Active Track device.

In the event that the panic button is pressed, the call centre dials in on the device via the silent call function and listens in on the scene. From this call, the support centre will notify the user of the events on site via telephone call, text message or electronic mail. The notification will enable the user to take the appropriate remedial action.

The call function is similarly used where a patrol/or check-in point is missed, or the device is stationary.